Tennyson Court
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The Environment

New solar thermal hot water now operational

The first stage of the solar powered hot water system is now working ( don't worry we will never run out of hot water as there is a 13kW backup ) but for the most part the hot water and under floor heating system in 'Guinevere' (3D Tennyson Retreat) will be powered by the Sun. The system will also be shortly extended to the wet rooms in 'Arthur' (3A) and 'Shalott' (3C) giving all three apartments powerful main pressure showers.

Solar Thermal hot water for Tennyson retreat

Posted : March 2014

New energy efficient lights.

Just installed the first five of many new LED candle bulb lights; replacing the bulbs in the chandeliers with dimmable 4W warm light LED bulbs which come on instantly and last for 50,000 hours. They look great and the light is a warm, crisp light which dims to a warm glow when dimmed.

Posted : June 2013

Are you helping the environment?

Yes, at Tennyson Court we have 9kW of Solar panels plus the main house is now heated by a 14.5kW Air to Water heat pump.

Posted : February 2013
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